Yolkrise Fashion Apron


Kufukaa is proud to bring to you this unique, limited edition denim apron with handcrafted detailing. Our premium denim and the finest quality fabric come together to create a stylish apron with a contemporary but bold design. The hand-sewn detailing is fastened via adjustable buckles to enable easy removal for washing. Each apron comes carefully wrapped in our branded recyclable package.

Product feature:

❍ Handmade in Kansas City\, U.S.A

❍ 100% Cotton-denim fabric

❍ Fabric: 10 Oz

❍ Pocket space

❍ American-made denim

❍ Adjustable neck strap

❍ Loop for holding essentials

❍ Added brass ring


Made in the U.S.A.

Care guideline:

Remove any knots prior to washing. Do not bleach this Denim Apron. You may dry clean this apron with any solvent except Trichloroethylene. Machine wash at 50oc. Iron carefully on a 2 Dot (Warm/150oC) heat setting. Do not tumble dry.

Ensure that the spin speed is low and the apron is removed from the washing machine as soon as the cycle is complete. Iron on the reverse side of the apron while still damp for the best finish. Note: Denim will fade and distress over time, though this will only add stories, style, and character to the apron.

Availability: 10 in stock


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Yolkrise Fashion Apron

Availability: 10 in stock