About US

We are a social-sustainable clothing and homeware brand based in Kansas City, Missouri. We aim to make sustainability simple and help artists and creators in our local community. The face of Kufukaa is an integrated e-commerce design that connects these people and their work to a catalogue where we support aspiring artisans with every sale we make.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to start a global conversation about unprivileged entrepreneurs, minority sellers and traditional preservation.

Our Story

We started selling plastic-free and natural products back in 2019. Since then, we have expanded our catalogue, donated hundreds of mask to essential workers during the peak of Covid-19 pandemic, and continue to produce re-usable eco masks produced locally to support the United States economy. This fall, we launched an exclusive new homeware collection and will continue to bring more.

As a brand, we have been trying to live zero waste for some years now and we truly believe that everyone, no matter how big or small can make a difference. Everything we do creates waste, however by becoming a conscious consumer and switching to reusables we believe, just like we have, you can reduce your waste and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Let’s face it, there is no planet B.

Over the last year, we have built a large community of eco-enthusiasts who have been loving the products these small independent brands have been producing. We already have a massive inventory of products, but we will continue to search high and low for new and exciting products that solve more environmental issues.

Browse our store and dive into our massive range of plastic-free products.

Quality Independence

Kufukaa cares about the quality of its products. We directly source all our handmade products from the people who make them, who are vetted beforehand to ensure sustainable use of resources, authenticity and quality. There’s a story behind every product we sell – from scarves to ceramic mugs – we’re committed to making a difference without compromising the quality of your life.

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