We love the art of creation.

Built by and for artists, we help traditional craftsmen make a living doing what they love. And like the people we work for, we’re independent. We’re self-funded. We’re selling handmade products to promote winsome traditions. We’re backing up sustainable practices. We’re doing it the hard way. And we love it.

People First
Micro Financing
Creating Empowerment
Sustainable solutions

Featured Products

Textured Decals Mug


Cinnamon Cream Round Platter


Wayfarer Chopsticks Bag


Tussar Silk Madhubani Kantha Dupatta – Scarves for Women



We’re redefining the meaning of economy for arts, replacing gains with experiences and revenues for a continued legacy. Pledging to revive, restore, celebrate and marketing these handicrafts. Alongside, we’re empowering people and paying nature our regards by promising to highlight co-dependency of nature and daily living.


“We know our kids will not continue this work,” they say. “Our craft will end with us.” Our story starts with these words and focuses on changing the outlook of these people. We work to help them keep their traditions alive so that someday, they can say, “Our legacy is and will be preserved.”


As tastes and beliefs change, practices of hand-made crafts and local artistry are rapidly fading away. Not just the tangible objects, but it also threatens to take away our right to choose sustainable options. Items once hand-made are now mass-produced in factories, and its toxic effects are ignored for human comfort.

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