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Review From Our Proud Kufukaans

Pushing Boundaries to Build a World Community

What is Kufukaa?

People First

We focus on delivering experiences: handmade crafts that are visually compelling, but emotionally engaging. By embracing the interactivity of an online platform while taking into account the people and their stories, we bring products tailored to connect artists in need. Whether we’re connecting and selling local crafts, or working with artists in native communities to realize their creative talents, our knack for putting the people above anything else is what sets us apart. And we have the vision to back it up.

Micro Financing

Just like artistry, investing in talent is fundamentally an act of promise. When a craftsperson creates something, they’re looking to tell a story. At Kufukaa, we respect their stories by respecting their financial hardships. We help them to pursue their passion without abandoning their responsibilities. We push the boundaries by understanding where they need us. Micro-financing helps them provide, for family, loved ones and themselves, and encourages them to not give up. We blend support seamlessly with the economy.

Creating Empowerment

We have a felicity for creating experiences that re-imagine the way people consume. We owe it to our planet to build a more sustainable world. Sustainability is the fabric of our culture and framework for all decision we make within these walls. We believe in aesthetics that compliment ethics and stand up for values that integrate mankind to do well for the planet. From recyclable home-decor to hand-woven scarves, the very essence of the art we sell is to promote authenticity, mindfulness, and appreciation for a green future.