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I recently tapped into sustainable and ethical clothing and the Kufukaa mask inspired me to apply my consciousness for masks too. I had a great time hiking in Prague wearing the mask and it was easy to wash too.

Bea Jean Kelly, Germany

I have been using the masks made by Kufukaa since the Pandemic started. I love the quality of the fabric, it’s soft and easy to breathe. It’s easy to wash. I love the design - it’s smart, elegant, and breathable.

Abhik Mukherjee, New York

Running errands (safely) in style, thanks to this mask from @kufukaa Kufukaa is a woman-owned, Kansas City-based marketplace for handmade and sustainable creations with a mission to empower artisans in remote areas of the world.

Katie, Kansas City

I've purchased a number of items from Kufukaa and have been very pleased with the quality of everything. It's a perfect site to find unique, handmade gifts that you can feel good about.

Kimberly McCollam, Kansas City

My experience with the Kufukaa mask was a borrowed one. Literally. I was running late for an interview and asked my friend for her mask which I have never returned yet. It was a Kufukaa Emerald Green Face Mask in a small size that fits perfectly.

Katie Miller, Norway

I love how cute these masks are! In light of the current pandemic, they have switched gears to putting all efforts into helping support our local community by providing jobs and generating income to those families who have been hit hard with unemployment and layoffs.

Nicole Ford, Kansas City