#PutAMaskOnIt: We're Helping the Unemployed Get Back To Work!

Kufukaa is now LIVE with its store now aiming at fulfilling the demand of masks in the country and support unemployed workers amidst the ongoing Coronavirus lockdown. From household helpers to part-time workers, people dependent on the stimulus package and checks are in need of financial support to help their households. The global demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) has created a severe shortage of PPE across the world. In an effort to contribute to the pool of resources and help everyone secure a mask, our campaign serves all.

Kufukaa lives at the crossroads of sustainability and people. We understand the power of paying it forward in business, and we know how to create products that spark organic, emotional connections between buyers and artists. Our world-class capabilities have made us the leading digital shop for artisan-made products. With teams in 10+ countries, we create a tailored approach for every product — from creating new opportunities in the market to bringing an artist’s creative vision to life. Kufukaa is about building people and legacies that live on, beyond the art.

Featured Products

Tan Canvas Backpack


Tie-Dye Backpack


Ultra-Spacious Wedge Tote


Frayed Autumn Handbag


Persimmon Trinket Bag


Canary-gold Fukuki bag


Modern Floral Burst Print Premium Face Mask


Bear Friends Mask


Emerald Green Face Mask


Chambray Blue Face Mask


Kansas City Royals Premium Edition Face Mask


Yam Tote Bag


Harvest Pink Face Mask


Leaf Lace Premium Designer Face Mask


Aqua Green Face Mask


Polka Dot Face Mask


Forest Friends Face Mask



We’re redefining the meaning of economy for arts, replacing gains with experiences and revenues for a continued legacy. Pledging to revive, restore, celebrate and marketing these handicrafts. Alongside, we’re empowering people and paying nature our regards by promising to highlight co-dependency of nature and daily living.


“We know our kids will not continue this work,” they say. “Our craft will end with us.” Our story starts with these words and focuses on changing the outlook of these people. We work to help them keep their traditions alive so that someday, they can say, “Our legacy is and will be preserved.”


As tastes and beliefs change, practices of hand-made crafts and local artistry are rapidly fading away. Not just the tangible objects, but it also threatens to take away our right to choose sustainable options. Items once hand-made are now mass-produced in factories, and its toxic effects are ignored for human comfort.

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