Daughter, Mother, Wife and Dreamer

Living in the Middle-East far away from her homeland Egypt, Mai loves to take care of her daughter and run an impeccable home. Mai, a Science graduate, had earlier lived and worked in Egypt, where she had a busy schedule. In the fast pace of her life, she used to yearn for some time off to sit with her childhood passion for crochet. But it never happened.

Four years ago, Mai married and moved to Qatar. Crestfallen when her job contract fell through, she decided to return to her craft. Taking to online channels to hone her basics and add to her skills, she was soon feverishly working on patterns and experimenting with a variety of yarn. Her pregnancy was a boon and she flung herself full-fledged into the craft.

Mai laughingly calls her life “boring” and says that in the end, it is all about learning and evolving. She feels that she is wiser in her craft with every new project, where her aim is to produce results “high on accuracy and quality”. It shows.

Kufukaa believes in her and wants her to have an opportunity to present to the world, colors, and patterns of flowers and the sky and everything magically natural. See it, buy it and enjoy it.

Come, be a part of our journey. Let us together empower millions of others we believe in. Let us give their art a chance, their life a path and their hard work the correct returns. In this world of sameness, let us opt for the unique. Come. Let’s take the Kufukaa movement forward.

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