Neha Grover Mehra, Kansas City

Neha Grover Mehra

Thank you Kufukaa! The purchase has been so good. The apron is of great quality and fits perfectly:-)

Bhavika Bhan, Kansas City

A good friend Koul Anita is helping to keep people
employed by making masks. Please help these people who are ready to work if given a chance. I received mine neatly packaged left at my front door due to social distancing. Made in America. They are well made . Thank you for mine.

Annie Shabanu, California

I bought this beautiful handmade fabric book cover. This is truly a fantastic work by a great artist who loves books and wants to protect books from any damage. One can use this book cover for any types of books or a planner. As you can see the book cover has space to hold notes or business cards, a pen, and as well as an attached bookmark string. This book cover is high quality hand painted fabric well stitched and easily can be washed. I enjoy using for every book that I read just by switching the book I am ready to go. Love my beautiful fabric book cover.
I highly recommend supporting this artist and all other artists on this site. Great work from artists, and great service from Kufukaa. Thank you.

Jodie Popik, Kansas City

Jodie Popik

Thank you Anita Koul for helping to keep people employed and making masks to keep people safe! It was left on my front door in a cute package. They are well made and made in America! Thank you so much for mine!

Anshul, Italy


Being very honest, when I was ordering this handmade jar from Kufukaa, I did not see the dimensions and was going to use it in my kitchen. However, when I received it I loved it more than what I expected. I am so in love with this jar. Beautifully crafted!

Nicole Ford, Kansas City

Nicole Ford

@kufukaa masks are twin + cat approved! I love how cute these masks are! In light of the current pandemic, they have switched gears to putting all efforts into helping support our local community by providing jobs and generating income to those families who have been hit hard with unemployment and layoffs. They are selling online, partnering with retailers and donating to local hospitals. It is amazing what they are doing to support our community! Visit their website link below to learn more about their company and purchase one of their masks!

Katie, Kansas City


Running errands (safely) in style, thanks to this mask from @kufukaa. Kufukaa is a woman-owned, Kansas City-based marketplace for handmade and sustainable creations with a mission to empower artisans in remote areas of the world. This (non-medical grade) mask is made from 100% cotton and has three layers with a filter pocket to insert a filter to prevent breathing in particles. The masks are washable and reusable and made from quality fabric to ensure no irritation.

Sipika Bhat, Canada

Sipika Bhat

Kufukaa masks come in neat designs, are breathable for the wearer, easy to wash and reusable. I am happy with the quality of fabric they use. Layers of cotton that include filter pocket too. Most important, the fitting of Kufukaa masks offers comfort and flexibility.

Nittu Bhat, London

Nittu Bhat

Excellent product. Great service. I love to flaunt my beautiful masks and it really takes the limelight wherever I go wearing it ❤️❤️❤️Love it

Kimberly McCollam, Kansas City

Kimberly McCollam

I’ve purchased a number of items from Kufukaa and have been very pleased with the quality of everything. It’s a perfect site to find unique, handmade gifts that you can feel good about.

Katie Miller, Norway

Katie Miller

My experience with the Kufukaa mask was a borrowed one. Literally. I was running late for an interview and asked my friend for her mask which I have never returned yet. It was a Kufukaa Emerald Green Face Mask in a small size that fits perfectly.

Bea Jean Kelly, Germany

Bea Jean Kelly

I recently tapped into sustainable and ethical clothing and the Kufukaa mask inspired me to apply my consciousness for masks too. I had a great time hiking in Prague wearing the mask and it was easy to wash too.

Abhik Mukherjee, New York

Abhik Mukherjee

I have been using the masks made by Kufuka since the Pandemic started. I love the quality of the fabric, it’s soft and easy to breathe. It’s easy to wash. I love the design – it’s smart, elegant, and breathable.

Ritika, Arkansas


Thank you @kufukaa for the mask. They are breathable and not too tight, you can cover your mouth and nose easily. And they are so comfortable and stylish.