When are we planning to stop dropping the climate change bombs?

By Devang Singh Bhadauria | Kufukaa blogger

Hey homo sapiens, we wanted to tell you that you are doing a great job. Those blissful smokes that you emit from your dream cars, it is just too refreshing to inhale. The beautiful sightseeing of the garbage that we ensure to decorate our surroundings with, is just immensely satisfying. Hey, am I the only one or you all feel like the soil looks black and disgusting so we put colorful plastic bags to make it slightly soothing to the eyes? We are indeed the same and the best part is, we don’t actually want to change.

Let’s be a little humorous while I tell you a few things about what we have been doing and have done so far. Tighten your seat belts because we are sure that you definitely going to fall down, laughing out loud. So, do you know that cars emit about 333 million tons of carbon dioxide which is exactly 20% of the world? We can see giggle around your lips. Apparently, who likes clear blue sea waters, right? Which is why we put 8 million tons of plastic waste in the world’s oceans each year, just to make the aliens in outer space witness the shiny colorful bags complementing the fresh H2O reserves. Wait, this is the best amongst all. We, the human race, love to be on fire and are outraging-ly obsessed by being hot, isn’t it? Business is our heart and money is our sole. Nothing comes above these two, not even that land which was and is providing the earth’s 20% oxygen. Well, you are correct that everybody has to die someday anyway.

As Bill Nye once said, “When every other living species are being endangered, I wish this was the same case with humans too.” Are we really the sole reason for this depressing environmental behaviors? We live in a world who is on a constant rebel for the rights of gender equality, income balance, elimination of sexism and brutalist mentality, but have we ever thought of what’s the most paramount subject of concern? It is indeed the only reason for our survival, ‘NATURE’.

Countries, politics, debates, forums, conferences, workshops, world meetings, rights, and wrongs; Apparently, nothing leads to something or anything at all. Alas! we the proud Americans live in a country which is so adamant about their rules that they don’t even care for the people who have suffered from the Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas and is rejecting migrants. Wait, we are bound to suffer from our own doings.

So, we ask again, WHEN ARE WE PLANNING TO STOP DROPPING THE CLIMATE BOMBS? Brian Debroye once quotes that, “The time we start thinking that the problem begins from me, is the time when the world actually witnesses the change.” A small step of yours and everybody else leads to a Brobdingnagian movement, which is exactly what the world wants. We cannot undo the already done, but we can definitely decide to redo what was not. We have been choosing either Plan A or the Plan B for us, every time. But, understand that when it comes to Earth, there is no Planet B.

Let’s stop the preaching part and really get into what we should do and what we should have been doing lately. The temperature is rising 1-degree Celsius every year. Isn’t it high time already? The last recorded average surface temperature of the earth was 14.6-degree celsius which has risen tremendously to 21 at present. Come on, you don’t have to do any different, just shift your lifestyle from inorganic to organic, start being dependent on renewable energy and rather not on the non-renewable ones, reduce the consumption of industrial products (Readymade) and absorb the culture of homemade and handmade products. Try to induce yourself in the earthly revolutions, afforestation wars, and even green competencies. Let us share a few interesting facts with you, to make your day. You know if the entire population of this earth plants just one tree, our earth will then have backup oxygen for more than 300 years. If only the people in America don’t use their personal vehicles for 2 hours, the pollution level of the earth will reduce by 8.5%. If the entire population of this earth decides to switch off the electricity supply of their houses for 5 minutes, excluding the industries and essential places, will save enough electricity that can power the world for coming 50 years and will also reduce the cost of affording electricity bills by 20%.

And, for those who think that change can never happen with the efforts of a single person, induce what Dalai Lama preached-


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  1. deepak nehru

    Time for a major change – ” True change is within; leave the outside as it is”. Dalai Lama

  2. John Puccino

    I really like looking through your post and I think this website got some really useful stuff on it!

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