Tussar Silk Madhubani Scarf — Tussar Silk Madhubani Scarf Tussar Silk Madhubani Scarf Tussar Silk Madhubani Scarf —

Tussar Silk Madhubani Scarf


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Personalize your outfit with a touch of vintage glamour with our Madhubani Tussar silk scarf. Luxurious smooth and soft touch on the skin, the handmade fabrics are delicately finished with geometric patterns reflecting ethnic India’s artistic forms. Kufukaa introduces a new eco-fashion philosophy focused on color, culture, and artistry. The striking colors and print strike pride of place on both sides of the scarf, which is finished with a striking pastel glow for a redefined feel.


Tussar Silk




Length: 76 Inches; Width; 20 Inches

Care Instructions

Dry clean only

More about the product

The colors used in Madhubani paintings are usually derived from plants and other natural sources. These colors are often bright and pigments like lampblack and ochre are used to create black and brown respectively. Instead of contemporary brushes, objects like twigs, matchsticks, and even fingers are used to create the paintings. These paintings are also known for their simplicity, for the brush and colors used are often derived from natural sources. While the paintings are largely made using powdered rice, colors derived from turmeric, pollen, pigments, indigo, various flowers, sandalwood, and leaves of various plants and trees, etc. Also, many natural sources are combined and are processed to obtain the desired colors. The colors are often prepared by the artists themselves.

Disclaimer: This product is handcrafted and may have slight irregularities that are a natural outcome of human involvement in the process. These minor differences add to its charm and ensure you have a unique product.

Note: Great care and effort have been taken to present the products on our website to match their original color. We always try to minimize color variations between the actual product and that displayed on the screen. However, the colors of products shown on the web catalog may vary slightly from the original product due to various reasons like monitor resolution, display card, color settings and/or brightness or contrast level settings.


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