Kufukaa Scarlet Red Linen w/ Comic Character Print Face Mask Kufukaa Scarlet Red Linen w/ Comic Character Print Face Mask —

Kufukaa Christmas Snowflake Navy Print Face Mask


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S (Small), M (Medium), L (Large)


Our premium full-coverage face mask gives comfortable protection all day long. Kufukaa’s expert construction means you can wear your mask without adjusting it or touching your face. It’s American-made, 100% cotton & hand-crafted with bio-washed inner lining & comfortable ear-loops. Multi-layered for extra protection.

❍ Four layers of high-density, 100% cotton, non-woven interface, and cotton/linen blends provide the best protection while minimizing heat-trapping.
❍ The generously cut design gives any face shape full coverage without gaps.
❍ Adjustable knot-feature for a custom fit, and reduces eyewear fogging.
❍ A built-in pocket lets you add your own filter for additional protection.
❍ Adjustable straps stay secure for hours of wear.

1 Mask w/ Kufukaa’s eco-packaging

Small: W 6.7 in (17 cm) x L 3.9 in (10cm)
Medium: W 7.5 in (19 cm) x L 5.1 in (13cm)
Large: W 9.1 in (23 cm) x L 5.5 in (14cm)

Kufukaa masks must be hand-washed or machine washed (not bleachable as it will damage the integrity of the fabric). We recommend washing the mask and filter at least once a day to keep the inner lining, the filter, and the outer surface clean. Each filter can be used up to 50 times.

❍ Wash it frequently if used during exercise/workout.
❍ Product detail images do not reflect the product color.

Return Policy:
We cannot accept any masks that have been opened from their packaging for health and safety reasons.


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