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Crafted from the same soft, fabric as our signature masks, which were also donated to frontline workers during our pay it forwards donation campaign, our face masks are washable and reusable, designed for durability, reinforced with 100% cotton material, and feature comfortable adjustable ear loops. These comfortable masks are designed for all-day wear in many environments thanks to the breathable, pleated fabric and soft ties that don't irritate the ears. The unisex masks for adults and kids are available in multiple patterns and can be a perfect fit for your day. Each mask shown is the fabric you will receive but will have slight color variations due as they appear on the website. Creates a physical face shield designed for maximum comfort and extended use. Kufukaa is providing these masks to support unemployed workers during the pandemic to provide service at our cost.

Worldwide shipping applies. Ships in 5-7 business days. Masks are not returnable.

Note: While they are not direct substitutes for N95 surgical or procedural masks, these 100% cotton masks with filter pockets do offer a significant degree of protection against droplets with COVID-19, and should help reduce person-to-person droplet transmission of the virus.

This is an initiative spearheaded by Kufukaa in Kansas City, with the support of those who have lost their employment and those who can’t practice their current professions who are out of employment currently and are helping us make these masks. Each of the women involved in the project have been supplied with necessary supplies needed for the manufacturing of washable hygiene masks. The masks are made using pure cotton, which are breathable, non-irritant and do not shrink.

An information leaflet has been produced to distribute along with each hygiene mask. The leaflet contains information on the proper use of the masks alongside other measures and guidelines advised by the HSE and the World Health Organisation. HSE and WHO guidelines, as well as the recommendations of a public health expert, were consulted and deployed in the production of information guides on the use of hygiene masks. The official guidelines emphasize that the hygiene masks do not replace existing guidelines on safety procedures for COVID-19.

About the mask:

Made using 100% cotton fabric

Includes filter pockets for those who would like to add extra layering

Made in the USA; to help our economy thrive in this stressful time

Size; 3 to 5 years

If you know someone who is in need or you would like to purchase in bulk or request a donation, please contact us. For more information, email


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